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"Fastest 1/2 Mile in the West"


4695 Alfred Harrell Highway, Bakersfield, CA


Next Race: Saturday Night May 3rd

It's that time again! Night racing is back starting May 3rd  



We now have a great snack bar open on race days!!!

We will have breakfast burritos, biscuit & gravy, hot dogs, chili dogs,

nachos, baked potatoes, salads, sodas, gatorades, brownies, and more!



April Results

Jr 1:

1 Dylan Lee

2 Carter Evans

3 Mason Evans



Jr. Super Sportsman:

1 Trenton Sparks

2 Ethan Barrett

3 Bryan Evans


Sr. Super Sportsman / Yc-Heavy (cans):

1 Dale Cheeseman

2 Chris Wesson

3 Tate Sanders

4 Laine Sanders

5 Tyler Coffman

6 Indy Sandoval  

7 Scott Miller

8 Freddy Sandoval

9 JT Sons

10 Joshua Alvarez







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 New class: "Powder Puff"

This class Will be for ladies 16 or older

Yamaha KT-100 3-hole can


6.0 tires ykc or ylc

340 lbs w/ any clutch


*This is meant to be an entry level, fun class. Drivers with prior experience may


be asked to race in the Sr. Sportsman or YC-Heavy class.


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Thanks RealFastTV for covering our 4th annual "Year End Shootout" (2013)

They do a great job filming our events and we look forward to seeing some great action

caught on tape again next year. You can find links to those filmed races on our Videos

page or check out www.realfasttv.com for more great racing footage!



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